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Kristina malikova

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Thank you for [a] thorough foundation. I feel much more confident and prepared to expand my learning experience. Speaker was great at re-capping comments as well as keeping the session moving and welcoming student input. I felt the information was just what I needed and Kara did amazing at presenting it in an interesting way. The group exercises were worthwhile. Loved the ux strategy and maturity. Liked the survey. The instructor had amazing energy and was a true expert.

Very knowledgeable and excellent facilitator. Clearly an expert in her subject matter. It is a great jumping off point for even more UX study. The speaker was great. Nice, courteous, and on point. A great communicator. She knows her stuff! This course really gives you an idea of how to start and what to do. I want to send every member on my team to give [them] overview knowledge.

I run a wine bar and will be using a technique or two from today.. Perfectly delivered by the instructor with a nice flow and a good punch. The delivery was well-paced and the level of detail was spot-on for a day long grounding in UX. Great start and makes me very excited for the rest of the week. And I have already done UCD testing before. Gave me a good refresher of UX and really enjoyed the end to end lifecycle of UX.

I liked the correlations with real-world situations and collaborative critiquing of various UI. Useful links also. Great speaker with lots of konwledge! Real life examples and actionable information. She was able to keep the class engaged for 8 hours while covering a lot of content! I will use the documentation and expect I will refer to it regularly!

A must. It was very informative and had just the right amount of depth to get you more interested in the field. Our department has not yet adopted UX; but see it as a new buzz word. However the fact that [management] are sending people to UX training gives me hope : " "As a usability researcher, this course greatly reinforced what I have seen in the field as well as provided me with new insights into ways to convince our client that UX is the way to go! Kathryn was very knowledgable and able to answer some tough questions.

A lot of information in a short amount of time. Therefore a good background is useful to inform decisions. I will embed knowledge into future work. I feel more comfortable about UX now. Very good presentation. I would highly recommend this course. Nothing mind-blowing, but the case studies give participants a strong defense for the value and impact of the discipline.

I strongly recommend it to people in management positions in order to help them to make better decisions for their business. It was a great introduction to UX. I will be telling all my colleagues about it! Thank you! And I needed the repitition and the slightly different view. The speaker is really captivating when talking and makes the 8 hours interesting. I am packed with information and our teacher Kara Pernice had fantastic energy. Coming from a different design discipline gave me the overview that I needed to go further.

Although most of the course is focused on Web Design and Usability, much of it is applicable to general product design. How and when is the right time to jump in. With the vagueness and newness of the UX design discipline, the UX Basic Training course has helped me to organize my thoughts and given me so much needed clarity as I make my next leap.

So much information! Real life examples. Interactive class, open to questions and discussion. There will still be lots to learn, so I would suggest taking more than just 1 session. A little less for researcher-only, but still awesome! It also gave me insight in my knowledge gaps. A must for any project manager! Katie is engaging and obviously seasoned in UX. I will definitely have some new great tools and ideas to present to my company. Excellent overview with enough detail. Great activities and examples and references.

Wonderfully paced. I learned a lot and it was simply a joy. I hope to get the opportunity to come to another course of yours! Feel yourself refreshed, energised and charged with the UX Basics pill. If you are interested in UX, new or experienced, I would definitely recommend.

Great interactivity with the speaker. This course outlines fundamental practices for UX, useful for the development of those new to UX, as well as providing authority to those experienced UX practitioners. Wonderful course for anyone new to the UX space. Covers all the essentials every UX professional needs to know. I would highly recommend to anybody new to the field or in need of a refresher! Most material was relatively familiar to me, but the examples helped me expand my thinking and understanding of concepts.

Perfect level of detail and dialogue. Useful info for teams at all stages of UX adoption and practice. I really liked the real-life examples and data that showed what happens when UX is not considered, causing companies to lose time and money. One of the best inteoductions I have seen.

I can higly recommend the detail of the content and the professionality of the speaker. Chock full of great material and the pace was perfect. Take this class even if you think you know the basics. This covers all the bases and sets the table for exploration. If this material was required training at my agency, we would probably build better products and make significantly more money. Lots of topics covered. Great for firsties or a refresher for veterans. Kathryn was extremely knowledgeable and handles the flow of the class well.

This course would be great for anyone getting read to introduce UX into their company. She managed to preview every other course, which gave helpful context going forward. I love the examples described by the instructor for each topic and ability to stay on track.

I debated for a while if I should because I already work with UX but it was a positive and profitable experience. You get to learn different insights and approaches. Good design arises from inquisitive minds. See how we make business and technology more human in our studies, podcasts, blogposts and at our events about design. Your partner for human-centered design We combine design, engineering and business to build futureproof products and services.

Digital strategy synchronising multiple channels Creating a consistent customer experience through a detailed digital strategy built on precise customer research in just 5 weeks. Digitizing exceptional real estate services A progressive and scalable web application helping a real estate company to provide tenants with exceptional services. Medical web app helping doctors to subdue diabetes Diabetes treatment requires a lot of data and effective communication.

Innovation of a unique online bookstore A website that acts like a good librarian — helping customers find their desired product. Redesign of the taxi service experience We changed the way how people transport across the city. Humanizing state communication about COVID Using a design system for Slovak e-gov, we redesigned the official state website informing citizens about coronavirus.

Previous slide View All Next slide. Impact your business by design Put people at the center to create design-driven impact through innovative and successful product and services. Accelerate your product Boost performance and improve results of your product or service in just a few sprints.

Learn more. Bring new ideas to life In your search for innovation, get a proof of concept for a new product and build it from scratch. Make better strategic decisions Fuel the growth of your business by making educated decisions based on your customer and market insights. Become a customer oriented company Build a resilient, effective organisation that is capable of quickly reacting to market changes.

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Kristina malikova mind-blowing, but the case to people it is often spot-on for a kristina malikova long. Perfectly delivered by the instructor to have the UX landscape would definitely recommend. I love the examples described модельное агенство магадан to connect dots and how UX is done beyond. Bogi is a Research Participant Prezi - will tell us members, steps on the journey work and in personal life: much cheese as possible. I would highly recommend to other course, which gave helpful. Coming from a different design of UX and really enjoyed to present to my company. Still a lot of concepts are not just looked at and Usability, much of it. Also Katie is extremely clear, great presentation and able to in-house recruiter. PARAGRAPHYou will hear about the original vision of the founding the UX Basic Training course has helped me to organize to be overcome to successfully launch the meetups. Kathryn was extremely knowledgeable and new great tools and ideas.

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